3 Generic Cleaners Same as Brand Names but Way Cheaper, by ...- oxy bleach laundry powder ,Made popular by its late-night infomercials, basic OxiClean is not a laundry detergent but rather a non-chlorine bleach. It removes stains using oxygen, which is evident by the bubbles it makes as ...OxiClean 115.5 oz. Versatile Stain Remover-51791 - The ...The OxiClean 115.5 oz. Stain Remover features a chlorine-free formula that fights stains and is free of perfumes and dyes. This stain fighter is suitable for use in regular and high-efficiency machines.

This Homemade Oxygen Bleach Will Solve Your Laundry ...

Dec 20, 2017·Oxygen bleach is a great all-purpose laundry helper, because it whitenswhites, brightens colors, and aids in stain removal. A couple of years ago, I found myself wondering if there was a good a homemade alternative out there for oxygen bleach.

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