Zeolite Clay Powder Pure Bulk from USA - myworldhut- zeolite in washing powder ,myworldhut presents Zeolite Clay Powder Pure Bulk from USA. Best, benefits and uses soap, skincare, facial mask, drying agents, in detergents, and in water and air purifiers, body wraps, foot baths,cosmeticsAlmost extinct in the US, powdered laundry detergents ...Phosphates were long ago removed from laundry detergents because they can promote excessive plant and algae growth in lakes and rivers, but powders still bristle with sodium carbonate and zeolites ...

What are zeolites? | How do zeolite catalysts work?

Jun 17, 2020·Dozens more artificial, synthetic zeolites (around 150) have been designed for specific purposes, the best known of which are zeolite A (commonly used as a laundry detergent), zeolites X and Y (two different types of faujasites, used for catalytic cracking), and the petroleum catalyst ZSM-5 (a branded name for pentasil-zeolite).

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