Types of detergent - which is the right detergent for you?- biological washing powder ,Biological detergent. ... Powder versus liquid, liquid sachets or tablet detergent. ... Pros - Handy for pre-treating spots and stains before washing. Great for keeping colours true.Bio Vs Non-Bio Washing Powder - Which?Biological washing powders, liquids and capsules differ from non-biological versions both in their ingredients and in how they remove stains. Many people think non-biological washing-powder is kinder to sensitive skin than biological detergents.

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Biological washing powders contain protease and lipase to remove protein stains and fat/grease from clothes. The enzymes break down proteins or fats on the fabric, forming water-soluble substances that can be washed away. Example: Blood contain the red protein Haemoglobin (Hb). The Proteases in biological washing powder break Hb molecules into ...

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