How to Make Bar Soap : 13 Steps - Instructables- making bars of soap at home ,The saponification process is used for fabricating soap. Soap is a very important molecule used for cleaning numerous things. Soap is an amphiphilic molecule, meaning that is has a polar head and a non-polar tail. Again, the saponification process is the process of making soap.How to Make Your Own Soap Bars at Home (5 Steps)Jan 16, 2020·Soap, by definition, is fat or oil mixed with an alkali. The oil is from an animal or plant, while the alkali is a chemical called lye. In bar soapmaking, the lye is sodium hydroxide.

Making an Easy, Basic Beginner Soap, and Then Making it ...

Nov 05, 2020·These two bars of soap were personalized with lemon essential oil and poppy seeds for gentle exfoliation. My first attempt at making homemade soap. The worst disaster, though, was when I tried to make soap. The book shared ways to be frugal. It explained how to clean used cooking oil for making soap.

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